Monday, December 31, 2007


The countdown to the new year has started and I am preparing to have a great nite at my sisters. This is my last post of 2007 and want to thank everyone for visiting and for making my 2007 a creative and successful year.

What started as a flickr account to share my craft projects has blossomed into a craft website, Etsy shop, tons of crafty friends and being published. I have a ton of ideas for 2008 and plan to make a trip to a major craft fair.

To help raise funds for my crafty trip, I will need to beef up shop updates. I have 2 updates coming up in the next couple of weeks. I just updated the shop last nite with the following:

Sew on the Go
sewing kits

As featured in the Lark Publication "Pretty Little Pincushions", Sew on the Go sewing kits.

These traveling kits can go where you go and serve you on the fly with a tube the perfect size for buttons, needles, thread, and a custom-made, pop-out pincushion.

Novelty Straight Pin Toppers

I enjoy antiquin with my mom. yeserday I thrifted 4 pair of vintage plastic Barbie shoes & 1/2 a dozen mini plastic grenades at my local antique center. I couldn't resist turning them into novelty straight pin toppers. It was a ton of fun. I found a new passion.
When I spotted the package of shoes I knew I had to buy them. It wasn't until I spotted the grenades that I knew what I was going to do with them. Look for more novelty straight pin toppers in 2008.

That is it for the last 2007 updates. Look for a website redesign in the next month or so as well. Be sure to go out and buy Pretty Little Pincushions for your craft library.

Happy New Year's my dear friends. See you again in 2208!


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