Sunday, May 20, 2007

Custom mobile for The Gurule's

About a month ago I took in to work a mobile I made for my nephew and sister. My friend JG fell in love with it and comissioned one for his wife to celebrate their 1st wedding anniversary.

He and I sketched out the mobile and I got to work. It is almost to a T the mobile we sketched out. I spent several weeks putting it together. I came across an obstacle or 2. The cats I originally wanted wouldn't work with the overall look and the french toast I tried to make just didn't look like...well, toast. I found creative solutions to move past those obstacles and this is the finished product. I am quite pleased.

The Superman/girl logo turned out 10 times better than I had imagined. :D I wish I had taken better pics of this thing. But all in all I am very proud.

I had breakfast with JG & Nicole this morning and delivered the mobile to them. It was an instant hit. We enjoyed breakfast and made plans to make a habit of getting together to enjoy good eats and good conversation.

JG handed me a check for payment of the gift...and it was $20- more than what we agreed. It was a pleasant surprise and quite flattering. I spent about a total of 8 hrs on the project and the Gurules said my time and creativity are worth it. :D

They want to place an order for a baby mobile for a friend's baby when they return from their 2nd honeymoon.

After breakfast I went thrifting and came up with a couple of finds. More on those later. All in all, the day so far has been a wonderful Sunday!


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