Thursday, February 08, 2007

Bright Eyed Blythe

Blythe Originally uploaded by SewcialButterfly
This didnt turn out quite like I wanted, but I tried my best to process this picture. I set up a makeshift light tent. I want to post more product to my Etsy shop and want pics that look a lil more professional than just some picture I took on the self healing mat on my desk. For a first attempt I am pretty satisfied. I want to learn more on photo processing.
Blythemobile Originally uploaded by SewcialButterfly
I took out my mini Blythe and snapped a few pics. I love this lil car I found for her. She even has a mini dollhouse in the backseat. LOL Of the test pics I like this one the most. I still have a lot to learn about taking pictures and lighting. I'm just so excited to learn. :D

Once I get the time and money, I hope to make a light tent that is a bit more versatile. It isn't expensive but I have a ton of other projects on the horizon. Oh so many projects and still not enough time. :(


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