Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Story of my life

Story of my life Originally uploaded by SewcialButterfly

Oh how I love you Swap-Bot. Oh how you make my day when I get mail in my mailbox.

I joined a CD swap called Story of my life. I recieved one of my CD's today. I didn't get a chance to
listen to it during the day but I popped it in my CD player in my car and was hoping for a surprise. Almost EVERY song on the CD had me screaming and dancing and singing like a fool. I didn't care who saw me. I got home, raced up the stairs and popped it in the computer to finish listening. This CD made me laugh. it made me reminice on my own memories and made me cry. I am so glad I joined this swap after receiving this CD from Ordinaryangel.

It's a special thing to share your life with others and I think in song is the perfect way to do it. I never thought about OTHER people having memories to some of my favorite songs. It never crossed my mind, even as I was making my own CDs to swap. It wasn't until I realized this as I was reading Kelly's list of memories.

I can't wait to get my other CD. I joined 2 other swaps and will post pics once I receive them all.

I'm off to design a mobile for my next swap.

Wish me luck!


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