Thursday, January 31, 2008

For my LOVE of fabric...

For my love of fabric, I spent 6 hours taking out all my fabric. Yes, ALL my fabric. It looked like a tornado had run through my studio. I arranged piles of fabric by color all throughout the small studio space. I cut swatches of them ALL. Cuttin out the swatches was tedious work and sitting on the floor, my leg kept falling asleep. Most of my fabric stash consists of fabrics I cannot bring myself to cut into. So cutting a swatch out of them forced me to get over that phobia and hopefully I can give myself permission to use them now in upcoming projects.

Then I refolded and restored my stash not only by color, I also arranged by my favorites. I put the ones that I love the MOST in the armoir I keep my supplies in. THEN arranged the swatches in a binder after ironing them all.

The swatch binder is filled with baseball card sleeves I bought from the local hobby store. Then I filled the sheets with my swatches by color (ROYGBIV kids...ROYGBIV!). I used a playing card as a template to cut out a swatch from each piece of fabric but the card was too slippery. So I decided to cut the template out of stiff craft felt. It was flexible enough but stayed in place because it was felt.

Now I have a catalog of all my fabrics. It is a great reference and good place to go for inspriation. Don't ask how many reds I have, they are so much alike but different enough to be justify so least that is what I am telling myself to justify them all.

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Blogger Robyn said...

I linked my friend to the picture of your binder on Flickr, you should have seen how excited she was to see it. She thinks it's a genius idea. I think the idea is genius, I just, unfortunately have NO patience and would get irritated after the first swatch of fabric. You have, however, inspired me to get organized. Thanks so much!!

2/10/2008 9:22 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

Wow, Robyn. Thanks for such the nice comment. My fabric stash is about the only thing organized in my studio. but that will be our lil secret. LOL I just got tired of having to dump out my bins just to refold and stash the fabric again. :)

I did it in one nite, you can do it as you do your projects. Take a swatch of a fabric you are already cutting.

Glad you found my OCD resourceful. :)


2/10/2008 10:50 PM  
Blogger anne marie said...

wow.. that baseball card idea for swatches is a great idea!

4/04/2008 12:27 AM  
Blogger PutzFrau said...

I'm so envious of your fabrics and thanks for letting me know you cannot bring yourself to cut into some of them...I thought I was the only one who did that.

4/09/2008 2:33 PM  
Anonymous Amy said...

This is the perfect solution for my half-formed fabric binder idea, thanks!

8/17/2011 12:20 AM  

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