Friday, February 01, 2008

New Business Cards

YAY! I finally received my business cards! Fabulous Stationary has the most wonderful designs. They sell these as personal calling cards. I couldnt resist ordering them as business cards.

I was using Moo cards as my business cards. They are conversation startes because of their unique size and I could use pictures of my own work on the back. HOWEVER, I've joined a few Young Professional groups and facilitate a Craft Sellers meetup group so I wanted a lil something on the more professional side for when I am networking.

You will notice there is no email address that usually is found on business cards.
  1. I use many emails for Sewcial Butterfly, it is easier for me to have people visit the website and click the email button from the homepage.
  2. This design only allowed for my name and one other line so I chose my phone number
  3. Due to the length of the domain, no email address could fit. :(
Yes, my full phone number is on there, this scan was edited for privacy

I suggest you visit Fabulous Stationary and order something. Or just go there to see the FABULOUS designs. They have a wide variety to choose from and the customer service people are sooo nice.

If you need a coupon code, message me and I can get a $10 off code for you. That saved me shipping and handling on my order.

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