Saturday, October 21, 2006

More buttons...

More buttons...
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Becky & I went on a crafting crusade to Wally World last nite after dinner. I made my routine pilgrimage to the craft isle. Something colorful caught my eye...buttons!!! Glorious buttons!!!! It was the same brand that I bought last time but it had a ton of colors. So I snagged up the 2 with the cutest buttons. At a buck fiddy each I wanted to buy all 5 LOL.

I get them home and start my ritualistic sorting of the colors. I take out my box of buttons and realize I have out grown this box and need a large box. My thread box calls my name because I have out grown the thread box too. After a lil rearanging I start filling up each compartment.

It was hard but finally made a big step. I mixed my old and new buttons. I'd kept the new buttons segregated from my grandmother's buttons. It was hard, I sat and debated for 30 seconds if I really wanted to but finally decided to do it.

it may sound silly but having my grandmother's buttons was really special to me. No more bulk button buying for me for a while. Only special buttons for specific projects.

Now I'm off to make some new pojects so I can use up these buttons so I can buy more....wish me luck!

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