Monday, September 18, 2006

You better check yourself!

I've been struggling with my fabrics fraying. It's frustrating to end up with a beautifully embroidered piece with the edges all scrappy looking. I have also had a problem with the brown material I make the turtle shell out of fraying even before I turn the lil guy out.

I've started a new project that has a pocket that I want to embroider but hate how the edges turn out in the end.

i don't remember what magazine or book I saw to use an anti-fraying solution, but when I saw this at Wally World last nite I scooped it up and crossed my fingers it would work.

I cut the pieces for my project and on the pocket put the Fray Check and let it sit overnight as it was too late to start any of the sewing. I woke up this morning to inspect if the Fray Check worked. (I kinda felt like Quita Culpepper on Does It Work Wednesday LOL-Austinites will know what I mean.) And surprisingly so it does. I rubbed the edges between my fingers to see if i could get a thread to run and lo and behold it was staying still. I am going to start an embroidery pattern on the pocket tonight and see how it hold up in the long run. Wish me luck!


Blogger Cristina said...

hey thats good advice!! i have that stuff but was afraid to use it (i'm a notions junky - i have a lot of wierd tools i dont know how to use). do you think it would work similarly to why you would use a serger? but for those tricky woven wollens?
p.s. i love your banner!

9/21/2006 1:20 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

Cristina- yes the fray check does work similarly to why you would use a serger but before you sew it where a serger is for after it is sewn to prevent fraying. I use woven wollens and before i even sew them. And even just my regular fabrics, they seem to unravel when I have them in the embroidery hoop. Don't be afraid of the fray check. just be sure to let it dry completely.

9/21/2006 4:24 PM  

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